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From Trucking to Masonry

CHAZ was in his 30’s when he came to us for training. He had been an over the road trucker, owned his own truck, and got tired of being away from home. At first he just wanted to build a block house, brick veneer it, and accent it with some stone. He was only here for 2 weeks, completed 92 hours of hands on training, and not only did he learn enough to build his own block house, brick veneer it, and accent it with stone, plus build some out door sheds out of block, with his own two hands, he now knows that he can make as much money as he is willing to get out of bed as a Masonry Contractor building and repairing the same things he is building for himself, and his family..

We can design a course for anyone and everyone. Chaz did not complete the Master Mason Course, but then you don’t have to be in the top 10% of all masons to be a Masonry Contractor, or as Chaz said, he likes working by hisself. Just hiring someone from time to time to help him with some of the work, when he needs it.

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